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# Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.
# SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

# DeepSpeed Team

from pydantic import Field, validator
import sys
from typing import Optional
from enum import Enum
from deepspeed.runtime.config_utils import get_scalar_param, pp_int, DeepSpeedConfigModel
from deepspeed.utils import logger
from .offload_config import DeepSpeedZeroOffloadParamConfig, DeepSpeedZeroOffloadOptimizerConfig, OffloadDeviceEnum

# ZeRO optimization. By default, this optimization is not enabled.
# Users have to configure the desired optimization (0 means disabled) in params.json as below example:
ZeRO optimization should be enabled as:
"session_params": {
  "zero_optimization": {
    "stage": [0|1|2],
    "stage3_max_live_parameters" : 1000000000,
    "stage3_max_reuse_distance" : 1000000000,
    "allgather_partitions": [true|false],
    "allgather_bucket_size": 500000000,
    "reduce_scatter": [true|false],
    "contiguous_gradients" : [true|false]
    "overlap_comm": [true|false],
    "reduce_bucket_size": 500000000,
    "load_from_fp32_weights": [true|false],
    "cpu_offload": [true|false] (deprecated),
    "cpu_offload_params" : [true|false] (deprecated),
    "cpu_offload_use_pin_memory": [true|false] (deprecated),
    "sub_group_size" : 1000000000000,
    "offload_param": {...},
    "offload_optimizer": {...},
    "ignore_unused_parameters": [true|false],
    "round_robin_gradients": [true|false],
    "memory_efficient_linear": [true|false]

ZERO_OPTIMIZATION = "zero_optimization"

def read_zero_config_deprecated(param_dict):
    zero_config_dict = {}
    zero_config_dict["stage"] = 1 if param_dict[ZERO_OPTIMIZATION] else 0
    if zero_config_dict["stage"] > 0:
        zero_config_dict["allgather_bucket_size"] = get_scalar_param(param_dict, "allgather_size", 5e8)
        "DeepSpeedConfig: this format of ZeRO optimization setup is deprecated. Please use the following format: {}".
    return zero_config_dict

def get_zero_config(param_dict):
    if ZERO_OPTIMIZATION in param_dict:
        zero_config_dict = param_dict[ZERO_OPTIMIZATION]
        if isinstance(zero_config_dict, bool):
            zero_config_dict = read_zero_config_deprecated(param_dict)
        zero_config_dict = {}
    return DeepSpeedZeroConfig(**zero_config_dict)

class ZeroStageEnum(int, Enum):
    """ Enum class for possible zero stages """
    disabled = 0
    optimizer_states = 1
    gradients = 2
    weights = 3
    max_stage = 3

[docs]class DeepSpeedZeroConfig(DeepSpeedConfigModel): """ Sets parameters for ZeRO optimizations. """ stage: ZeroStageEnum = 0 """ Chooses different stages of ZeRO Optimizer. Stage 0, 1, 2, and 3 refer to disabled, optimizer state partitioning, and optimizer+gradient state partitioning, and optimizer+gradient+parameter partitioning, respectively. """ contiguous_gradients: bool = True """ Copies the gradients to a contiguous buffer as they are produced. Avoids memory fragmentation during backward pass. """ reduce_scatter: bool = True """ Uses reduce or reduce scatter instead of allreduce to average gradients """ reduce_bucket_size: int = Field(pp_int(5e8), ge=0) """ Number of elements reduced/allreduced at a time. Limits the memory required for the allgather for large model sizes """ allgather_partitions: bool = True """ Chooses between allgather collective or a series of broadcast collectives to gather updated parameters from all the GPUs at the end of each step """ allgather_bucket_size: int = Field(pp_int(5e8), ge=0) """ Number of elements allgathered at a time. Limits the memory required for the allgather for large model sizes """ overlap_comm: bool = None # None for dynamic default value (see validator `overlap_comm_valid` below) """ Attempts to overlap the reduction of the gradients with backward computation """ load_from_fp32_weights: bool = True """ Boolean indicating whether to initialize fp32 master weights from fp32 copies in checkpoint (no precision loss) or from model's fp16 copies (with precision loss). This can be used to initialize optimizer state even when checkpoint is missing optimizer state. """ elastic_checkpoint: bool = False """ Enable loading checkpoint that was saved by job with different GPU count. No longer supported. """ offload_param: Optional[DeepSpeedZeroOffloadParamConfig] = None """ Enable offloading of model parameters to CPU or NVMe. This frees up GPU memory for larger models or batch sizes. Valid only with stage 3. Expects a dictionary containing values for :any:`DeepSpeedZeroOffloadParamConfig`. """ offload_optimizer: Optional[DeepSpeedZeroOffloadOptimizerConfig] = None """ Enable offloading of optimizer state to CPU or NVMe, and optimizer computation to CPU. This frees up GPU memory for larger models or batch sizes. Valid for ZeRO stage 1, 2, 3. Expects a dictionary containing values for :any:`DeepSpeedZeroOffloadOptimizerConfig`. """ sub_group_size: int = Field(pp_int(1e9), ge=0) """ Tile size for parameter processing to fit massive models (with trillions of parameters). Used by ZeRO3-Offload and ZeRO-Infinity """ cpu_offload_param: bool = Field( None, deprecated=True, new_param="offload_param", new_param_fn=(lambda val: DeepSpeedZeroOffloadParamConfig(device=OffloadDeviceEnum.cpu) if val else None), ) """ Deprecated, please use ``offload_param`` """ cpu_offload_use_pin_memory: bool = Field( None, deprecated=True, new_param="offload_param or offload_optimizer", set_new_param=False, ) """ Deprecated, please use ``offload_param`` or ``offload_optimizer`` """ cpu_offload: bool = Field( None, deprecated=True, new_param="offload_optimizer", new_param_fn=(lambda val: DeepSpeedZeroOffloadOptimizerConfig(device=OffloadDeviceEnum.cpu) if val else None), ) """ Deprecated, please use ``offload_optimizer`` """ prefetch_bucket_size: int = Field(pp_int(5e7), ge=0, alias="stage3_prefetch_bucket_size") """ Maximum number of parameter elements to fetch ahead of use. Used by ZeRO3, ZeRO3-Offload, ZeRO-Infinity, and ZeRO-Inference. """ param_persistence_threshold: int = Field(pp_int(1e5), ge=0, alias="stage3_param_persistence_threshold") """ Do not partition parameters smaller than this threshold. Smaller values use less memory, but can greatly increase communication (especially latency-bound messages). """ model_persistence_threshold: int = Field(pp_int(sys.maxsize, "sys.maxsize"), ge=0, alias="stage3_model_persistence_threshold") """ Maximum number of parameter elements that can be persisted in GPU and not partitioned. This imposes an upper bound on the number of unpartitioned parameters resulting from param_persistence_threshold setting. Used by ZeRO3-Offload, ZeRO-Infinity and ZeRO-Inference. """ max_live_parameters: int = Field(pp_int(1e9), ge=0, alias="stage3_max_live_parameters") """ The maximum number of parameters resident per GPU before releasing. Smaller values use less memory, but perform more communication. """ max_reuse_distance: int = Field(pp_int(1e9), ge=0, alias="stage3_max_reuse_distance") """ Do not release a parameter if it will be reused within this threshold of parameters. Smaller values use less memory, but perform more communication. """ gather_16bit_weights_on_model_save: bool = Field(False, alias="stage3_gather_16bit_weights_on_model_save") """ Consolidate the weights before saving the model by ``save_16bit_model()``. Since the weights are partitioned across GPUs, they aren’t part of ``state_dict``, so this function automatically gathers the weights when this option is enabled and then saves the fp16 model weights. """ stage3_gather_fp16_weights_on_model_save: bool = Field(False, deprecated=True, new_param="gather_16bit_weights_on_model_save") """ Deprecated, please use ``gather_16bit_weights_on_model_save`` """ ignore_unused_parameters: bool = True """ Unused parameters in modules may be unexpected in static networks, but could be normal in dynamic networks. This controls whether or not training should terminate with an error message when unused parameters are detected. This is set to ``False`` by default, which means unused parameters are ignored and training continues. Now is just used in stage 2. """ legacy_stage1: bool = False """ For backward-compatibility enable old ZeRO stage 1 implementation. Use at your own risk, will be deprecated soon. """ round_robin_gradients: bool = False """ Stage 1 and 2 optimization for CPU offloading that parallelizes gradient copying to CPU memory among ranks by fine-grained gradient partitioning. Performance benefit grows with gradient accumulation steps (more copying between optimizer steps) or GPU count (increased parallelism). """ mics_shard_size: int = Field(-1, new_param="mics_shard_size") mics_hierarchical_params_gather: bool = False memory_efficient_linear: bool = True """ Use memory efficient linear implementation, for Stage 3. """ # Validators @validator("overlap_comm") def overlap_comm_valid(cls, field_value, values): if field_value is None: assert ("stage" in values), "DeepSpeedZeroConfig: 'stage' must be defined before 'overlap_comm'" field_value = values["stage"] == ZeroStageEnum.weights return field_value